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Local products Hautes-Alpes

Les tourtons

These nice small fritters are a specialty of the Champsaur Valley. You will love them salted (potatoes, spinach, goat cheese) or sweet (apple, prune).

Cooked directly on the market their smell will follow you and will give you an appetite.

The recipe:


As the local production, the cheese varieties are numerous, blue cheese cow from Bayard, goat and ewe cheese, ewe tomme cheese with genepy favour, Queyras cheese and last but not least the Banon from Laragne.

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Tourtons du Champsaur
Tourtons du Champsaur

Alps honey

The beekeepers in the Hautes Alpes offer you to discover this amazing local product. Mountain honey, lavender honey, larch honey you will eat them without moderation.

The Champsaur tart

Another Champsaur specialty, this tart is traditionally home made. Strawberry, blueberry, prune flavored you will enjoy it for a picnic in the mountain.

Apples and pears

All along the Durance valley you will find many orchards with apples, pears and peaches trees. Tasty juice is also made from these fruits.

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